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Guitar tube-solid state Feel and sound

21 Oct 2021

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axe ISo this is a age old discussion and many people have their own view depending on the way their training has brought them to the not so subtle art of playing guitar. Solid State is a method of delivering electric guitar tone with electrincs but no tubes, so its a embedded power amp and electriconcs attempting to great a sound based on the instructions programmed into the ICs, Capacitors and more .. the real world feel is a quick instant response to notes that are played, very precise. The volume, treble, mid and bass is computed as well .. but there is very little room for feel and that option with solid state relies on the players ability to actually for tone out of the guitar with his or her fingers. Having said that Tube Amps are a completely different thing .. they are organic in nature, expanding and contracting , relying on heat and vaccum tubes from the military age.

What does this mean for guitar tone ? because we are emptional creatures .. tubes relying on heat and our emotions which are based on potntial and heat share a common ally. This means tubes can reproduce the effect of emtion better than solid state can for the reason that ICs and electronics do not contract and expand to the same degree that a glass vaccum tube is capable of doing.

There are man Tube Amplifiers and Solid State Amps as well .. we were in the year 2021 edging closely to 2022, at this point in time we are seeing at the top of the guitar amp market 

Fractal Audio makers of Axe-Fx the greatest breakthrough in guitar processing to ever hit the stage, it is possible to clone any tube amp or other solid state amp sound and save it for a preset 

Quad Cortex a compeditor Modeller

Helix by Line6 and Yamaha now ...

Kemper Profiler another Modeller  - more of a device to copy a sound and use it..   

I have tried many Tube amps and cab combinations

Marshall Amps 1975 JMP with 4x12 Cab 1960A
Marshall 2203 Red   4x12 Cab 1960A
Marshall JCM 900  4x12 Cab 1960A
Soldano SP77  with Marshall 9200 dual mono bloc and  4x12 Cab 1960A

and others ...

currrently testing Matrix GT1600FX Solid state power amp with Axe FX 3 mark 2 and 1960 B 4x12 cabinet
(great cab by the way) the Matrix is a 800w a side power amp it does the job, the fans are a little loud but you cant hear them when your playing ..

 more soon ...


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