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28 Oct 2021

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Well this is a long drawn out discussion but it can be reduced to a few tihngs. With Electric guitars 80% tone is from the Pickups, rest is the wood. In this case I am talking about a new Ibanez RGD71ALPA 7 String gutiar. I Am used to a certain type of sound from EMG's which I like. on this new guitar it has bare nuckle pickups whicha re not active they are passive pickups so you dont get the same type of full color tone as you might from an active pickup. It still have a lot of output from the windings but its not as colorful to say the least.

This guitar is great looking the design amazing and the wood grain so nice, I prefer the EMG tone myself I ofund the guitar to have too much treble and not enough mid , it does feel and play very nice. It also has a coil tap and a 3 way selector.

p region RGD71ALPA CKF 1P 01 sub 3

p region RGD71ALPA CKF 1P 01 sub 4

 p region RGD71ALPA CKF 1P 01 sub 1


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