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30 May 2023

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So we have re-named the site and moved the files to the new server, just the old twitter name forgot the pass to that account lol so we made a new one @axeshred we will start posting there soon, We are also planning to post more videos and cool gear to check out and some reviews there will be a youtube channel coming shortly to match

We are currenly trying to decide on trying out the Fractal FM9 or ENGL Savage 120 Mark II leaning to the FM9 but you never know!

seems like Fractal Audio has a clear lead over all the modellers out in the scene and for good reason they have the best gear and sounds
these days running KRK G4 9" recording monitors and they are great paired with Focusrite 18i8 super great interface really liking the Interface. Other conundrums Atomic CLR Neo II or QSC k12.2 virtaully the same price. oneis made for modelling the other is refined PA



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