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ENGL Savage 120 Mark II

15 Jun 2019

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Savage120.2 bk

So the beast has been released from the fine folkes at ENGL Amps, if you havent seen this Tube High Gain Amp its truly something to behold. Engl Amps have never been cheap, nor has their build quality. I have owned one in the past and it was pretty damn cool to say the least. This Unit has a ton of wicked features - To Start this is a 120 watt Amp, you might be wondering about the 6550 tube set in the amp as I was .. being used to the EL 34 type of tubes or 6L6 types. The story goes that Marshall back in the day used to ship all their amps with 6550 tubes in the early 70s because they were more reliable and lasted longer, when they started coming into north america they went to the EL34 models, Marshall was not happy with the tubes because they were not reliable, cheaper yes so eventually they ended up as a standard and over time improved in quality.

All Tube Head
4 Channels Clean/Crunch1/Crunch2/Lead
Preamp Tubes         ECC83 (6x)
Poweramp Tubes:      6550  (2x)
2x Fx loops each is adjustable from parallel to serial
Full Midi programmable
S.A.C switchable
Power Tube Monitor
Line out

Savege120.2 back bkfunctions:
Input Lo/Hi
Gain Lo/Hi
Mid Lean/Bold
Depth Boost
Pres A/B
Master A/B
Noisgate switch
Fx loop switch


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