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Fractal Audio Axe FX III

15 Jun 2019

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no doubt you have heard about this bad boy on the block, Axe Fx - this would be version 3 on the market after a few different models over the years. Axe Fx Ultra, Ax 2, 2XL, 2XL+ and now the 3rd version of their very successful Guitar effects and modeling processor. It is solid state cicuitry, having said that there is so much to this device - you may never be able to tell the difference between the model and a real tube amp. The version 3 is sporting two 1.0 Ghz DSP processors 500 mhz, 16 core microcontroller over USB - more

axe fx iii 1920 front white


1+2: Output 1
3+4: Output 2
5+6: Input 1 (DI for reamping)
7+8: Input 2 (for general use)

USB Out (from computer to Axe-Fx III)

1+2: Routed to physical Output 1 L+R
3+4: Routed to physical Output 2 L+R
5+6: Routed to the Grid via INPUT 1 block when its source is set to USB
7+8: Routed to the Grid via the dedicated INPUT USB block


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