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Boss DD500

30 Jun 2020

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dd500So I recently got one of these BOSS DD-500 its a pretty nice pedal its a Digital Delay and it has quite a bit of depth over all. One of the things I was looking for was some long delay options .. there are a lot of delay pedals out there, but not all have modern options people want. On eof the options I was looking for was the ability to edit patches from a computer, this one comes with USB and allows for editing with Boss/Roland Software. I really liked that, then I was reading the manual a little and it turns out you can record direct to your DAW with this device as well using the USB connection. Well that just pushed this ahead of 99 % of pedals outon the market, I know there are some good brands out there one name that people are liking is the strymon, which sounds nice but the interface is confusing and it only has Midi and no usb at all. In this day and age that is just not acceptable, not only that its $250 more than the Boss DD-500. 

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